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Breast Asymmetry

A nozzle having a different size or shape than the other nozzle is called nozzle asymmetry.

Small asymmetries in the paired organs of the body are normal. Unnoticed asymmetries are very common especially in breasts in men or women.

Sometimes breast inequality can reach more pronounced and disturbing dimensions and negatively affect a person’s psychology. Breast asymmetry may occur for different reasons.


  • In adolescence, breasts develop and grow faster or more than one breast. It can cause serious psychological problems due to excessive emotion during these periods. If the inequality between the breasts is high and the person is psychologically negative, surgery can be performed before the age of 18. In this case, it is preferable to enlarge the underdeveloped with prosthesis if the overdeveloped and enlarged breast are at adult breast standards.
  • Breasts may not shrink at the same rate after pregnancy and lactation.
  • Breasts may not shrink at the same rate after excessive weight loss.
  • Breasts may not grow at the same rate after gaining excess weight.
  • In later years, disproportion may occur due to single breast diseases.
  • Breast asymmetry may occur as a result of surgical interventions due to cancer.
  • With aging, it loses breast volume and may cause asymmetry.
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