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Breast Augmentation

Breast is a very important organ for women. Therefore, breast aesthetics and form is very important for a lady. Breast silicone or prosthesis surgery is currently one of the two most common operations in the world. It is also called silicone or implant for breast prosthesis. The introduction of silicone into the breast is called breast augmentation aesthetics.


  • Breasts may be deformed for various hormonal reasons.
  • Depending on postnatal and breastfeeding, breasts may shrink, sag and ejaculate.
  • Deformation of the breast due to aging or weight changes can be seen.
  • Genetically, you may have small breasts.
  • If you have a natural asymmetric image, you might want to get the ideal look.
  • Breast may be removed after cancer treatment. After this distressing event, you may want to get the old look with breast silicones.

Due to the aforementioned situations, women are more interested in breast augmentation or erecting procedures. Nowadays, the most effective and healthier treatment is to put a prosthesis (silicone) into the breast for desired growth. Long-term effects are controversial, although techniques such as fat injection or other substance injection for breast augmentation are controversial.

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