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Breasts may become saggy for various reasons. The ties that hold the breast tissue in place loosen over time. There may be a difference between breast tissue and surrounding skin due to weight change, milking and gravity. The problem may be caused by breast tissue, skin, or both. Ultimately, a hollow-looking saggy breast may appear.


As with all breast surgeries, discuss with your doctor why you would like to have surgery and what you expect from this operation. Tell your doctor if you have breast disease or cancer in your family, smoking, medication or any other illness. Talk to your doctor about the type of surgery and possible problems.


In aesthetic breast lift surgery, sagging breast tissue is reshaped and excess skin is removed. The head of the breast is brought to the required place. The operation is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room in the hospital environment. It takes 1.5-3 hours. Depending on the degree of pendulum, different forms remain. Whichever technique is applied, it is inevitable that there will be scars in the nipple area. If a breast lift operation is performed by incision from the nipple region, the scar around the nipple may be more visible. In other breast erecting surgeries, a 4-5 cm long track extending downward from the middle part of the lower edge of the nipple may also be added to the track in the nipple region. In appropriate patients, only sagging can be eliminated by placing a breast prosthesis. In this case, only the brown skin of the nipple and the white skin of the chest are attempted to be hidden from the junction and minimal. There is no breast lift operation without scar. Such traces, however, are initially distinct, traces that become unnoticeable over time.

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