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Cheek and Chin Aesthetics

Although human beings have many good appearance criteria, the concept of good in general is related to the proportion of organs with each other and the percentage of tissues present. For example, thick and plump lips, raised and high nose, cheek fullness in the face area are directly proportional to the concepts.

The shape of the face in the human body is accepted as one of the most important elements of aesthetics, beauty and attractiveness. For this reason, the cheek, which is defined as the golden ratio, is considered to be the most suitable form of the face where the other regions in the chin face region have a certain ratio. One of the main criteria of the golden ratio is that the chin and cheek areas form a generally triangular shape. For this reason, human face is accepted as more aesthetically attractive.

In cases where the contour of the face is angular and the proportion of fat pads in the cheek area is high, the removal of fat from the cheek to triangulate the face is called Cheek Aesthetic surgery or Bishectomy.

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