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Eyelid Aesthetics

As it is known, after the age of 35-40, sagging of the upper eyelid, bagging under the eyes and wrinkles occur, giving people a tired and sad air. A decrease in eyebrow area and forehead is observed with age. Normal wrinkles can be corrected with collagen type fillers. However, in case of sagging tissue and deep wrinkles, operation is essential. The goal is to make the person look younger.

Eyelid aesthetics (blepharoplasty) lower and upper eyelids in excess muscle, skin and fat tissue, if necessary to support these tissues by the process of stretching around the eye parts. With this surgical application, sagging upper and lower eyelids, pouches due to excess fat collection, wrinkles around the eyes are corrected, the person’s old, tired appearance is converted to a more youthful and mobile appearance. Aesthetic eyelid surgery is generally needed after 35 years of age, surgical risks are low, aesthetic surgery results are impressive. For hereditary reasons, it can be done at a younger age in people who have discomfortable bagging of the eyelids at an earlier age.

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