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Face and Neck Lift

Aesthetic face lift is not enough to stop aging. In addition to face lift surgery, neck lift operation makes the patient look more lively, energetic, healthy and young. The facial structure of a patient who has undergone a face lift surgery shows that the patient is extremely young and alive compared to his / her age, even if the effects of aging continue.

Anatomically, the face is divided into three different regions and each region is evaluated individually for surgery. The temple, the eyebrows and the forehead include the area we call the upper face. The upper face area is generally applied for face lift.

Cheek-stretching operations are performed in the so-called mid-face area, which includes the cheek area (Midfacelift). The part of the face that contains the jaw (tickle) and the neck region is called the lower face and the procedure applied to this area is usually neck stretching. Said operations can be performed individually or simultaneously in each region.

With Mini Facelift, Mini Facelift surgery, instead of the whole face, only the lower part of the dangling face, cheeks, tickling and neck are stretched.

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