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The most commonly known name is “deviation”. It is the nasal obstruction caused by the sliding of the middle wall of the nose from the middle line. It is also known as nasal bone.

The nose is a tunnel divided in the middle by a wall. The medical name of this wall is “septum nasale.. The length and internal width of each tunnel are considered healthy when their volume is close to each other.

The middle wall of the nose is covered with a thin membrane layer on both sides. In this layer, there is cartilage in the front-upper parts and a bone wall in the rear-lower parts.

A nose that is considered healthy is enlarged after the stenosis in the front opening. It warms, moistens, filters, directs to certain areas (odor zone, sinuses) and allows passage into the upper throat immediately behind it. The upper throat (nasal cavity) entrance behind it is narrow like the front entrance hole.

The presence of a problem anywhere in the nose tunnel from the inlet to the outlet means preventing air passage. The most common reason for this is the bulge and protrusion of the middle wall of the nose.

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