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Revision Rhinoplasty

Nose revision surgery is a type of nasal aesthetic surgery applied in cases where the targeted results cannot be reached with the nasal aesthetic surgery performed for various reasons. With the nose revision aesthetics:

The results of failed nose surgeries are corrected.
In cases where nasal aesthetics are required, various methods are used with or without surgery.
It is a source of hope for patients who are not satisfied with the aesthetic results of the previous nose surgery.


Revision nasal aesthetics is a surgical procedure developed to repair both the shape and function of a previously operated nose. Many people can hardly breathe through the nose after primary nasal aesthetics or may not be satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of the new nasal form. Many patients may have undergone numerous unsuccessful aesthetic operations due to these reasons. Since nasal aesthetics is the most difficult of all plastic surgery procedures, secondary surgeries may be in great need. In addition, this procedure tends to be much more complicated than primary rhinoplasty, which requires patients to find a qualified and experienced surgeon.

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