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Rhinoplasty - Septorhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to correct the nose deformity. Aesthetic surgery is the most performed operations in Turkey. In addition to this procedure performed under the name of rhinoplasty, bone and cartilage curvatures that prevent the patient from breathing (Deviation surgery) are corrected (Septorhinoplasty surgery). The goal of aesthetic nose surgery is to make a nose that is reasonably natural and unclear to the profile of the face. As before, raised, small and hollow noses that reveal the nostrils are not in demand.

The nose is the organ that provides air passage as a function in the middle part of the face. It is necessary to pay attention to this issue when performing aesthetic nose surgery. In addition, the problematic functions should be corrected during the same operation.

The success rate of the surgery determines the skin characteristics of the patient (Thick, Thin), the thinness and shape of the cartilage, the old trauma and deformities of the cartilage and bone, and the healing potential of the tissues.

Aesthetic Nose Surgery is the process of reshaping the bone and cartilage structures by separating the bone and cartilage tissues from the skin and mucosa.

Patients who have completed the age of 18 and have completed the age of growth are considered candidates for aesthetic nose surgery.

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